Style School Illustration and Instruction Vol.1

Style School Illustration and Instruction Vol.1
Style School Illustration and Instruction Vol.1
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Japan's leading manga illustration instructional guide (titled SS Magazine in Japan) comes to America! Learn the techniques of Japan's top manga and anime artists in Style School, showing step-by-step methods to help today's up-and-coming illustrators master the use of pen, brush, paint, marker, screen tones, computer modeling, and other tricks of the trade. Gain insight into the weapons of choice of today's top creators, especially those brands and tools that are so hard to find outside Japan. See for the first time the eye-popping art of tomorrow's manga and anime stars, with page after gorgeous page of spectacular visual imagination. And find out how to submit your work to be considered for publication in upcoming issues of SS Magazine in Japan!

* Six "how to" techniques: watercolor pen, photoshop style, colored ink, watercolor brush, utilizing Liquitex, and effective use and combination of 2D and 3D software art.

* Over 360 breathtaking full color and 90+ black and white illustrations.

* A must-have book for any aspiring manga artist.

* First in a series of SS Magazine art/how-to books.

* One of the most successful art publications in Japan, for the first time in English.