Armored Core 4: White Glint Model Kit

Armored Core 4: White Glint Model Kit
Armored Core 4: White Glint Model Kit
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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese Import! Even after several version, fans can't get enough of Armored Core for Answer's number onr robot and so blasting off in a new form is WHITE GLINT AC4 VERSION! Designed specifically from the robot's appearance in Armored Core 4, this is the symbolic machine known to some fans as "Joshua Giant" and is differentiated by previous versions with newly sculpted arms, core, leds, and back equipment. White Glint is comprised of 250 individual pieces. Thanks to polycap joints the mecha has more than 100 points of articulation for extreme poseability, and the boosters on its back can be opened and closed. Just as with the other Armored Core robots, White Glint comes with plenty of weaponry and alternate hands! Display the new model alongside his Lineark White Glint to complete your collection and show off both the standing and transformed modes of this amazing robot!