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June 6-7, 2020

We have been uploading a lot of prize figures into our website and many of them are made with great detail. It is as if the character jumped off the screen. For those who have seen us through conventions, most of the ones that we listed are those that we have brought to conventions. If there is one that you have missed during Exhibitor Hall hours, here is your chance to purchase them! If there is one that you love that you don't see listed, please e-mail us. We will gladly help you out with that.


Frozen QPosket Figure - Anna Ver. A: Normal

This adorable Anna, from the hit Disney movie "Frozen," is so much similar to the original animated character. She is wearing her famous dress that includes the same floral patterns from the movie, her berry-colored cape, and the matching cap that came with the outfit. What makes this figure so adorable is the removable cap, her freckles on her cheeks, and her big calming eyes! You know everything will be alright with her around.

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