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June 14, 2019

Thank you for everyone who attended Fanime, Phoenix Fan Fusion, Anime Conji, and SAC Anime this year and who has stopped by our booth. We hope that you have enjoyed every moment and the purchases that you guys made there. We can't wait to see you guys next year or our other upcoming conventions!

Speaking of upcoming conventions, the big 2 conventions are coming up just around the corner. For those who love Anime, we have Anime Expo 2019 during the Independence Day Weekend. As for the Comic fans out there, we have the San Diego International Comic Con from July 18-21. Who is excited here for these giant powerhouse conventions?!

Just an heads up, we will be heading out to these two conventions. During this time, we will be away from our offices. Any orders placed during these weekends will be ship once we have returned and based upon orders that were received. Don't worry. We will ship your order as fast as we can. Please be patience with us.

If you miss out on the actions from the past year or two, review yourselves with the other products that we have listed below.