Welcome to AnimeBooks.com. We are fans of Japanese anime who realize the difficulty of obtaining anime merchandise in the United States. Our goal is to construct a site that makes shopping for anime merchandise online a pleasure. Provided on this page are important information that you should read before you place an order.

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Welcome Guests to our site. It is a wonderful site dedicated for all Japanese/English books, Anime models/figures, and other Anime merchandises. We will help you in any way that we can to make sure you have a best experience ever with our site and our services.


It is understandable that we might be out of stock of a certain item once you have ordered an item. It could be quite possible that someone before you have purchased the last copy that we have. Usually, those orders are placed under "On Hold" are placed for that reason. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your credit card or with the order. It means that we are currently out of this item and we are seeking our supplier for this item. If not indicated, the hold will last less than a week for us to obtain your item for you. Please be patient with us. We are trying our best to obtain these items for our customers. If the item is unavailable after the "On Hold" is gone, it means that the item is no longer available due to the fact that our supplier is out of stock at the moment. More about your payment of your order in the Payment portion of this section.



There are also times that we will come across to an order with problems. Usually, these problems are:

• Declined credit cards
• Delay in shipping the order due to conventions
• A cancel order

We will notify our customers about the situation and explain what has happened based on those incidents listed above. For conventions purposes, that occurs during the weekends, it would usually take the following Monday for us to ship your orders. To avoid any situations with your card declining on us, it is best to check if there is enough amount left on your card before placing an order. More about your payment of your order in the Payment portion of this section.

If you have any questions regarding your orders, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at order@animebooks.com and thank you for your time shopping through our site.


Occasionally, we do have promotional codes that are design to help our customers out in their time of need. These promotional codes are special discounts off on your next purchase(s) or Free Ground Shipping. These codes are located in our newsletters, our banner, and the extras that we sent out in your packages. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, enter your e-mail address at the bottom portion from our Home page. Be aware that each code varies on their usage and their restrictions. If you are unaware of the code restrictions or have questions about them, please e-mail us at info@animebook.com for further information. When you are applying the Free Ground Shipping code, place the code in the provide space and select Free Ground Shipping Promotion with Coupon Code only! from the shipping option. (The Free Ground Shipping Code applies for the carrier USPS only. NO EXCEPTIONS.)

WARNING: You may only apply one code per purchase. If you are planning to use more than one code, the system will reject them and choose the first one you have entered into the system.


Free USPS and UPS Ground Shipping for all domestic orders over $100.00*. The Free Shipping Promotion only applies to books, such as Anime/Artist/Game books, magazines, and mangas and mangas that comes with a figure. Every other item(s) are not included into this promotion. In order for this promotion to be valid, you must order books total to $100. Another valid use of the promotion is when you ordered a total of $100 worth of books and an additional item(s), we will charge you a shipping fee for the item(s) only. If you order contains books and other items that total to $100, the promotion would be invalid and you would be charge for the order. For example, if you ordered books total $50 and a figure for $60, the promotion would be invalid.

For selecting the Free Shipping Promotion, all you have to do is select "Free Shipping | U.S. Domestic Order with Total Amount Over $100". However, you may also apply Special Event Coupon Discount/Promotion Codes to receive Free Ground Shipping. Please check your Animebooks.com newsletters or our Facebook site for upcoming Promote Codes and Special Offers! Please email us at info@animebook.com or enter your e-mail in the provided box on the home page to receive your newsletters!!

Note: If your grand total does not exceed $100.00(excludes CA sales tax), you will be billed for the full amount of the shipping method you selected.

*This promotion is not available for international orders, action figures, toys, Anime accessories, and magazine subscriptions (Please read Magazine Subscription section for further information).


Free USPS shipping for all domestic manga orders over $35.00. This promotion only applies to mangas only in sections:

• Mangas - Graphic Novels - Domestic
• Manga - Graphic Text Novels – Domestic
• Manga - Yaoi Graphic Novels - Domestic, and
• Manga - Yaoi Graphic Texts - Domestic

Other method for the usage of the manga free shipping is if you ordered mangas total to $25 and an additional item(s). (Please note that the other items that you have ordered will be charged and not the mangas.) The coupon would be voided if order consists of mangas and an additional item(s) total to $25. If your order contains anything besides mangas, the coupon will be voided. To use the coupon, please select "USPS Ground" as the shipping method and type in "mangapromo" into the "coupon" field. Be advised: It will take at least 5-7 business days to receive your order.

Note: If your order does not exceed $25.00 or consists of items other than mangas, you will be billed for the full amount of the shipping method you selected. Also, you will be billed if your order does not consist of manga titles listed in the specified sections and used of the manga promo code. This promotion is not available for international orders.


Shipping will be done via UPS or USPS only. The shipping services that we use are:

US Postal Service:
• USPS Express Mail – usually reach destination in 1 – 2 Business days after shipped
• USPS Priority Mail – usually reach destination in 2 – 3 Business days after shipped
• USPS Standard Ground-(Books & Magazines only) - usually takes 5 – 14 days after shipped
• USPS Standard Ground to US-(Small Items Only)-usually takes 5 – 14 days after shipped

UPS Ground:
• Next Day / 2nd Day / 3 Days / Ground International Shipping:
• USPS Express (EMS) & Priority International Mail – shipping fee varies from country to country
• UPS Worldwide Express / Saver / Expedited / Standard to Canada

Shipping Rates vary from item to item depending on weight, size, delivery method, and destination of item(s). Our shipping calculator provides accurate shipping information for the selected item(s) in your shopping cart.

For additional information on the shipping cost, here is a breakdown of the price when choosing the USPS method.

US Priority Mail:
• 0.50lbs. to 1.99lbs. = $5.75
• 2.00lbs. to 2.99lbs. = $7.95
• 3.00lbs. to 7.99lbs. = $11.95

US Express Mail:
• 1.00lb. to 2.00lbs. = $22
• 2.01lbs. to 3.00lbs. = $25
• 3.01lbs. to 4.00lbs = $28

Reminder: Those who select "Free shipping / US Domestic Order w/ Total Amount Over $100" apply only for Anime books. If your order contains anything besides Anime books, the shipping method will be voided.

Note: If failure to do so, we will apply this shipping method to your order only when customer choose other shipping method such as "Free Shipping / US Domestic Order w/ Total Amount Over $100" or none at all.


If you feel that your carrier mistreat your package upon delivery, you can always request extra packaging from us. Just ask us and we will make sure that you will get it. In the comment portion of the checkout, just write down "Please add extra protection for my package."

International and over sea orders will incur relatively higher shipping charges. If you are planning to use USPS as the carrier, please select USPS Express Mail / Priority Mail International Rate to be Determined. The checkout currently can not calculate international shipping rates for USPS shipping service. However, International buyer who insists in shipping your package by USPS service, please estimate the package weight of your order and check for rates at the Official USPS Site. Click on "calculate rates" and "calculate International rates". Then when you order, please specify the method of shipping you prefer under the "comments" box. We have recently added a new shipping provider to our site. UPS is here to provide our customers 365/24/7 accurate shipping rates in our website.

*Reminder to International Customer: Be advised that there won’t be a shipping fee amount when finalizing your order. We will input the total shipping fee when your order is ready to be ship. Please make sure that your credit card has enough amounts for us to ship the order. Failure to do so will delay in completing your order. We will e-mail about the decline in their card. If the customer has not complied with the e-mails, we will cancel your order for you.

Shipping and custom duty costs of the packages are the responsibility of the customer. For Canadian customers who are choosing UPS Standard to Canada, there is a possibility that the Local Import Department may charge tariff for your packages. Their department charges changes from time to time. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE CHARGES. They are the customers’ responsibility and we are not responsible to pay for the amount.

•Animebooks.com is not liable for damages caused by service carrier, unless we are informed to purchase additional insurance coverage in case of damages or lost during transit.

•Animebooks.com is not liable for damages caused weather conditions once the package has reach its destination. It is the customers' responsibility to know the weather conditions in their area. If the customer knows the weather conditions will likely cause damages to the package, please inform us so that we can prepare your package to avoid that condition.

Shipping charges are non-refundable. This applies to:

• all returned items (we will only refund the amount of the price of the product returned)
• all returned package due to address change or incorrect address

(All returned item(s) and return package(s)are subject to a 20% restocking fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please see Return Policy below for details.)

We do not guarantee that your package will arrive to it destination. Once the customer receives their tracking number, it is the carrier's responsibility for your package. If you wish to know the whereabouts of your package, please go to www.usps.com or www.ups.com for more information.

We had many difficulties with certain countries with packages. Due to the local customs of these certain countries, be aware that some package(s) will be lost. The following countries listed below are at risk of losing packages. Please be advise if you are ordering from these countries:

o Brazil
o Singapore
o Vietnam
o Mexico
o Russia
o Italy
o Indonesia

Due to recent events that has incurred to our site, we are no longer accepting orders from Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia through our site. If you are interested in our products and you are from one of these countries, we will gladly accept your order by using PayPal. (For more information as how PayPal works, please look below to the PayPal portion of this page.) If you want more information, please contact us at info@animebooks.com.

If you believe that your package is lost, please notify the shipping carrier and Animebooks immediately. We will work with the shipping carrier so that we can locate your package(s) quickly as possible. Please contact us after:

• 3 weeks if in the USA
• 4 weeks if outside of the USA


We do offer one year subscription to your favorite magazines. The magazines that we offered are in the Magazine section under Books and each one with their own respective price. Please take note that we do have a fixed shipping fee that would cover a year worth of magazines! When you are applying for the shipping method to your order, please select "One Year Magazine Subscription Flat Rate (US only)" as your shipping method. When you select this method, it will state $39 for the shipping cost. Don't worry about it! If you ordered more than one subscription, we will adjust the shipping cost for you. The price breakdown of each magazine subscription is listed below.

A. One Magazine Subscription = $39/year ($3.25 per issue)
B. Two Magazine Subscription = $60/year ($2.50 per issue)
C. Three Magazine Subscription = $86/year ($2.38 per issue)

This offer is only for US Residents only. International magazine subscription orders are based on the International Rates. Please also note that International orders will include magazine price and shipping fee.


Current magazine issues are posted in the New Arrival section under Magazine. For current magazine subscribers, unsure if an issue has been released, please view this section of our site as reference. If the current issue is not posted in this sub-section, it means that we have not received that issue and we are currently waiting for their arrival. As subscribers, you are entitle receive the current issue before the public. We will ship every subscription upon the arrival to our store. Please be patient.

*There are no refunds or exchange once a subscription has started. There will be no cancellations once a subscription is in process. Your subscription will end a year later from when it was placed or the month that you have started. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


If you feel that your carrier mistreat your package upon delivery, you can always request extra packaging from us. Just ask us and we will make sure that you will get it. In the comment portion of the checkout, just write down "Please add extra protection for my package."


Animebooks.com accepts the following credit cards:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

All credit card purchases are verified using your billing address for your protection. Please be sure to enter the correct billing address under the "Bill To" address at checkout. Failure to do so will result in delays. We do not accept credit card orders from Southeast Asia and South America.

When an order is place to our system, our system automatically sends an invoice to that customer indicating what he/she has ordered from us. The initial amount in your credit card statement is an authorization and not the actual charge. This authorization gives us the permission for us to charge your credit card. The amount that is indicated on the authorization is a hold amount for us to charge your card. We will charge your card once your order is about to be shipped out. The second amount in your card is the actual charge from us (including the total of the items available and the shipping fee). The authorization amount will disappears once the billing cycle is over and the second amount will remain.

(Note: Authorization and Final Charges are the leading causes of why a decline for International orders. Please make sure you have enough in your credit card before making a purchase with us.)

If there is a decline in your credit card, we will notify you about the decline via e-mail. Your order will be "On Hold" status until we have heard from the customer. The "On Hold" status will be there for a month (30 days). If we have not heard from you until then, we will cancel your order and you would have to re-order your order again. NO EXCEPTION!!!

For International Orders Only: For security reasons, we ask all International Customers, who have ordered $100 or more, to sign a form indicating an approval for charging their credit card. NO EXCEPTION!!!

*Reminder to International Customer: Be advised that there won’t be a shipping fee amount when finalizing your order. We will input the total shipping fee when your order is ready to be ship. Please make sure that your credit card has enough amounts for us to ship the order. Failure to do so will delay in completing your order. We will e-mail about the decline in their card. If the customer has not complied with the e-mails, we will cancel your order for you.


This is a simple and secure method to pay for your Animebooks.com order. We are now accepting PayPal payments on our site. If you wish to purchase our product(s) using this payment option, you can either use PayPal payment option during our checkout or you can e-mail us with the following information:

1. Please indicate "PayPal Order" on the subject line of the e-mail so we will know the reason for this e-mail*
2. your name*
3. shipping address*
4. phone number*
5. PayPal ID*
6. the product name, link, or URL*
7. the product's part number*
8. the shipping method* (see Shipping/Handling for more information).

(Please provide the information with the * beside it. Failure to do so will delay the process.)

From there, we will notify you about your order and instructions to finalize the order with us. We will also send the invoice of your order via e-mail. Please be advised. We will notify you 3 times about your order via e-mail. After the third notice and we have heard from you, we will cancel your order completely. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please be advised that a PayPal order is similar to a regular order. We do ship out partial orders for PayPal as well. Your order will be process within 48 hours and according to orders we received that day. Please be patient and DO NOT send us the amount until you have received an invoice from us! Once you have viewed the e-mailed invoice, please go to www.paypal.com and send the amount indicated on the invoice to our PayPal account: payment@animebooks.com. Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as we receive the payment. If you are having troubles with the process, then e-mail us about your problems to info@animebook.com. We will gladly supply you with the information you need to get your transaction going.

For International orders, we will not have the shipping/handling cost during check out for certain reasons. Please be advise to have enough amount in your account before submitting your order. If you are unclear as to how much the shipping/handling cost will be, you can e-mail us concerning this matter. Once we charge your order and it does not have enough for the item(s) and shipping/handling, we will have to invoice you for the difference via PayPal. Please check your e-mail Inbox and Spam for these Invoices.


In effective April 2014, all California residents will be charged CA rate of 9.0% sales tax. Out of state residents are exempt from sales tax of California.


It is our goal to keep all items shown on the site in stock. However, it may be possible for an item to sell out. Due to system glitches, the availability part of our pages is no longer working. This means it is not a guarantee that a certain item is available. Many times an order prior to yours might have bought the last item that we have left in our inventory. You can check with us if have any questions regarding an item(s) availability. E-mail the name of our product and the part number to us at info@animebook.com.

We do ship partial orders. There might be a chance that we don't have an item(s) in stock that you have ordered, but we do have the rest of your order available to ship out. We will ship out the available item(s) that the customer has ordered. We will not charge the customer for the item(s) that were not available. We will only charge the available items. Please find other alternatives if the items are no longer in stock. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

As a customer, you have a right for us to cancel any order that you have made. If you feel that we will ship partial of your order, please indicate your instructions as to how you want us to ship or cancel your order on the Comment box of the Information section. Once an order is ship out, it will be hard for us to cancel your order. If you have further questions regarding an order, please e-mail us order@animebooks.com.


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Please note that shipping fee will NOT BE REFUNDED regardless of the situation. There will be a 20% restocking fee if whenever the product is returned back to us. NO EXCEPTION

Here is the breakdown of our return policy:

Should you become unsatisfied with your item(s) within 14 days of delivery, you may return the item(s) for a full refund.
• Must request for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from us. (We will not accept return packages without a RMA number.)
• There will be a full refund the product’s amount only
• Postal shipping fee are not refundable
• 20% restocking fee apply
• Item(s) must be in good condition and in their "sealed" condition
• 5 to 7 business days for return process after received package
• When shipping the package back, make sure to purchase insurance. (We are not reliable for the lost package.)
• If product is damaged and it is not due to shipping reason, additional fee will apply along with the 20% restocking fee.
• We will notify customers prior to applying the restocking fee.

If your package was returned back to us for unknown reasons, such as "Unclaimed" package,
1. We will e-mail 3 notifications regarding the matter.
2. If you want the product to be shipped back, shipping fee will apply (The product will not be charged again only the shipping fee.)
3. If you don’t want the product, 20% restock fee apply.

*You may contact us at: order@animebooks.com for further assistance.


We can special order items that you are looking for, but we can not guarantee the item will be found. Please only place a special order if you know the title and the item's ISBN number, is willing to wait more than one month or more, and accept the fact that it is possible your item can't be found. Please be advised that there will be a deposit prior searching for the title. We have encountered many customers who unclaimed their title(s) that we have found. Please e-mail all orders to order@animebook.com.

If you are placing a special order from us, please be sure that you are interested in this item(s). We will inform you about this special order via e-mail. Please note that Special Orders are similar to regular orders, which would be based on the order it was placed. All Special Orders are paid using PayPal. We will invoice the customer, via PayPal, the total amount once we have confirmed that your order is available. Please be advised to respond to our e-mail(s) from us about your order. After three e-mails were sent to you without any response, we will cancel this Special Order.


Most of our books are imported from Japan, so the text is printed in Japanese. We do carry books that are written in English and French. Unless indicated, at the bottom of every page, please assume all books, not in the "Domestic Manga" and "French Art Book" section, to be in the Japanese language.