CFSL.NET - Café salé artbook 01

CFSL.NET - Café salé artbook 01
CFSL.NET - Café salé artbook 01
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Since its inception in 2002, the site has become the first French portal dedicated to graphic design. Designers, photographers, painters, graphic artists, sculptors or colorists: it is several thousands of artists who gather each day to present the results of their work, share their experiences and pass on their passion. An incredible gallery of images and talents, united by a common desire to progress, comment, encourage and evolve constantly. One such portal images, talented artists, but especially for a spirit. He who has given birth to so many collaborations, annual exhibitions and special events throughout France. Whoever has the talent to draw, to enrich and learn alongside the most recognized artists. The excellence of some, the motivation of others and continuing efforts of everyone. More than just a gallery of images, this book is a tribute, a portal: a window on the best coffee salt and digital art.

256 pages. French text. Colored. Softcover.