Digital Photo Techhnic - Portrait Lessons

Digital Photo Techhnic - Portrait Lessons
Digital Photo Techhnic - Portrait Lessons
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This book features lessons on how to take a photo. There are 22 lessons filled with step by step and Photoshop.

The lessons are:
1. How to utilize background
2. Play in the choice of angle
3. How to read how to use light
4. Effect of Aperture and how to use
5. The effect of shutter speed and how to use
6. Correct color reproduction in White Balance
7. Free color representation in White Balance
8. How to Pose How to make a voice pickled
9. Determination of exposure and exposure compensation
10. Well I Kimeyo the framing 11. Taming sensitivity ISO
12. Taken in this handy standard zoom lens 1
13. How to leverage-way around when it was caught in the rain

"Advanced Guide" Part 2
Learn how to use the lighting equipment and a different way of photographing lens focal length

14. Taking pictures using wide-angle lens
15. Taking pictures using standard lens
16. Taking pictures using a telephoto lens
17. Take in the light clip-on flash 1
18. Even more beautiful in the light clip-on flash 2
19. RIFA use only halogen
20. RIFA use only fluorescent lamp
21. Let's take monobloc strobe
22. Learn the steps to take professional portrait

146 pages. Japanese text. Colored. Softcover. Published & Bind in Japan.