February 2002

February 27, 2002: New books added! Please check out: Guilty Gear X Drafting Artworks, Utena: La Rose Apocalypse, Revolutionary Girl Utena ou l'Apocalypse de l'adolescence, A Beautiful Girl's Computer Graphic (CG) Technique Guide Vol. 2, Replicant Works 2: Garage Kit & Character Figure Extra Issue 1999 - 2001.

February 11, 2002: More new books: Final Fantasy VIII OST Music Score, Final Fantasy X Scenario Ultimania, , Japanese Entertainment, NieA_7 Scrap: Yoshitoshi Abe, Pieta: Adumi Tohru Illustrations, and X-First Contact.

February 10, 2002: New figure/model books added: Figure Works: Brothers Sato Present and All That Figure 2001.

February 9, 2002: Macross Design Works restocked! Please place your order today before it sells out! We've also added 3 new Dragon Ball Z books. They can be found at Dragon Ball

February 2, 2002: 2 new items!: King of Bandit Illustrations and a very rare Ghost in the Shell Man Machine Solid Box. The Solid Box was released in very limited quantity to only a few major Japanese book stores. Supply is very limited and we will not be restocking them once they are sold out.