Fusion Junction Art Books Special Bundle

Fusion Junction Art Books Special Bundle
Fusion Junction Art Books Special Bundle
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Limited Time Only!! Save $56!!! Spring Special! Buy 3 Books and Receive a Free Samurai Champloo "Battle Cry" Art Book!

Fusion Junction 2: A Collection of Contemporary Character Art. Round 2! In this corner, hailing from Japan, Korean, and the US are Agasang, Taira Akitu, Stoneman, and LeSean Thomas... Fusion Junction 2! Fusion Junction again brings you heavyweights of the character art world ready to dish out a wide range of styles without pulling any punches. Over 113 hardbound pages of beautifully printed art and interviews with the artists who created it. Fusion Junction 2 is sure to knock you out! Hardcover 113 pages. English Text. Hard Cover.

Fusion Junction 3: Fusion Junction does it again with another amazing collection of artists from around the globe. This time they're serving up four artists for your enjoyment. Mosthika and Noah hailing from China, Artgerm from Singapore and Noho from Korea make up the team of mind blowing illustrators. Their work covers everything from fantasy to sci-fi. The artists are truly on the edge of the new generation of illustrators.
10.5 x 7. 112pages. Colored. English text. Hard Cover.

Queen of Arts: In this wonderfully majestic collection of illustrations, you will find the works of four incredible female artists from around the world. Nox and Maggi from Korea, Saskia from Germany and Loish from the Netherlands share their gorgeous images with you. The works contained span a range of painting styles, emotions and themes that is simply stunning. Discover new worlds through these women's imaginations.
9 x 12. 116pages. Colored. English text. Hard Cover.

Samurai Champloo"Battle Cry": This book is absolutely bursting with amazing art. Battle Cry is by far the most complete book of its kind. It features everything from character designs to finished illustrations and they are presented in the way they were meant to be seen with many full page layouts. The frenetic action and pace of the series is truly captured on these pages. An absolute must have for fans!
10 x 9. 180 pages. English text. Hardcover.