Gundam OO 1/60 Scale GN GNR-010 RAISER

Gundam OO 1/60 Scale GN GNR-010 RAISER
Gundam OO 1/60 Scale GN GNR-010 RAISER
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Product Description

A first for Gundam fans everywhere! This is the first edition of the GN GNR-010 RAISER being release in the USA! If you a fan of the Gundam OO series, don't miss out this great deal.

Description: The innovated power of Setsuna, the Gundam beyond Gundam! Now launch on Perfect Grade!

1) Design draft is refined by its original mechanic designer Kanetake Ebikawa so the OO Raiser has become more stylish and detail than before.
2) The new design joint lock is used for most of the joints on arms and thigh so the skeleton could hold the fully equipped torso perfectly.
3) Cockpit interior is completely structured with hatch slide-out gimmick. You can see a Setsuna F Seiei and Saji Crossroad figure sitting in the cockpit. Standing Setsuna F Seiei and Saji Crossroad figures are also included.
4) LED unit is used in the head unit for the light-up gimmick of the eyes.
5) 2 Completed GN drives are included which can actually light up and spin (Batteries for testing are included too).
6) Rubber parts are used on bottom of legs to enhance the balance
7) The two GN Sword II can combine together to become a big twin blade sword. Metallic coated parts are used on the swords
8) Extra set of weapons for O Raiser is included. Most of them are new designed only for Perfect Grade

The following are included in the kit:
GN Sword II X 2
Completed GN Drive X 2
GN Shield X 2
GN Beam saber X 2
Marking seal X 1
Color-printed instruction manual X 1
Extra set of GN Missiles for O Raiser

Caution: Stand is not included in the kit.