Io: Art of the Wired Art Book

Io: Art of the Wired Art Book
Io: Art of the Wired Art Book
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Be deviant. Step into Io and discover the back alleys of Asian pop art you won’t find anywhere else.

Io: Art of the Wired introduces you to 7 rising artists in the Asian art, comic, animation and game industries. From edgy Beijing artist Benjamin to CG poster boy Hyung-tae Kim, each artist presents a unique style and vision, a haven to run to when you're sick of mainstream stereotypes.

With full-colour reproductions of over 100 paintings, Io is an unabashed celebration of Asian pop art as an art form. Each of the 7 artist sections takes you through a two-page biography, a lavish gallery of artwork with creator commentaries, a candid two-page interview, plus exclusive photographs of the artist and their work space — All designed to give you insights into the lives and minds of these talented individuals.

Described as “refreshingly original” and “beautiful, damn beautiful”, Io: Art of the Wired is a reference for the aspiring artist, an inspiration for the professional, and a trove of hidden gems for the art connoisseur. A compelling addition to your collection, this art book is a rich visual experience you’ll live again and again.

Io: Art of the Wired is available now in hardbound in limited quantities. It is printed in Canada, and every single detail captured vividly on premium Italian art paper — smooth, thick, and a brilliant white.

Hyung-tae Kim
Nahoo Lee
Joysuke Wong

143 pages. English text. Colored. Hardcover. Printed in Canada.

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