Let's Draw Manga - Transforming Robots

Let's Draw Manga - Transforming Robots
Let's Draw Manga - Transforming Robots
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A fun and informative book that takes you through the necessary steps in creating robots that transform from everyday vehicles and sports cars all the way up to military tanks and Space Craft. The chapters inside offer simple step-by-step instructions that begin with the basics and build up to the more complex. In no time at all Let's Draw Manga Transforming Robots will have you drawing and designing your own awesome robots with their interchanging and deceptive disguises.

The author, Plex International Design is most renowned for its design work with Gundam action figures, Go-bots, Ultraman, Digimon and Power Rangers. Originally established in 1981 as "Popy Planning Room" they specialized in the planning and development of character toys in Japan. Soon thereafter, Plex entered into a business arrangement with Bandai Group, the creators of hit children's T.V. series such as Power Rangers and Gundam. With their head office in Tokyo, and a branch in Hong Kong, Plex International to this day remains as a conceptual design and development firm that specializes in the production of licensed toys and merchandise for popular TV series.

128 pages. English text. B&W. Softcover with Dust Jacket.

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