March 2019

February 5, 2019


Let's start off saying how much we appreciate those that have come out to hang with us during these conventions for the past month. Great shout out to those attendees who came stopped by our booth during:

SAC Anime
Anime Los Angeles
Taiyou Con
Anime Impulse and
Pasadenda Comic Con

Thank you for coming by and showing us how much you loves these cons. Without you guys, there wouldn't be a con to go to and enjoy fun, memorable times. Please come back next year or our next coming conventions. We will have more and new items for you to see and purchase!

Now, onto our next mission...

As mentioned before, we will be having a more active figure section as requested by our fans out there. We will start on having more uploads of figures, by all of types of Japan Prize companies, that our con-goers have been seeing on our booths. Look out for those in the upcoming days in our New Arrival section.