May 2018

February 12, 2018

My, the time has gone by so quickly. We barely noticed that January flew by...

We have not been uploading our latest items. We apologize for this. We will soon have all of our collection up as soon as we can. There are a lot of good titles in this collection that we are sure you would want to buy for your collection. Bare with us. We will try to have them up.

In the meantime, have you checked out our latest section - Anime Prize Accessories/Figure? Based upon demands from our local con goers, we have uploaded some of our convention figures on our site. There are still more coming so bare with us. If there is a character that you saw at the conventions that you wish to own that is not here, e-mail us about it and we will get you start on your next step in owning it.

Speaking of conventions, thank you for supporting us during our January conventions (SAC Anime, Taiyou Con, Anime Impluse, Anime Los Angeles, and Bak-Anime). It was great meeting you guys and we hope to see you at our next convention or next year! For those who can't wait to check out our latest products at our next convention, here is a list of conventions that we will be attending:

Long Beach Comic Expo (February 17-18, 2018):
Kikori Con (March 2-4, 2018):

Also, the Chinese New Year is coming up this week! Wishing the bright and wonderful Chinese New Year to all!