MEAD GUNDAM by Syd Mead Art Book

MEAD GUNDAM by Syd Mead Art Book
MEAD GUNDAM by Syd Mead Art Book
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*SUPER RARE!! Re-issued Edition!! Best Chance to own this classic art book in brand new condition!! The last print of this book was back in year 2000!!

This book features sketched drawings of our favorite mecha series Turn A Gundam. These concept sketched drawings are done by the famous Sydney J. Mead who has lead many mecha designs for Aliens, Yamato 2025, Tron, Mission Impossible, and more. This is an out of print title and it is easy to see why it would be. It also includes an interview with the artist and more.

A very good reference book for those who are interested in drawing mechas.

322 pages. Japanese text. Monochrome color in each section-5 shades in total. Softcover. Published & Bind in Japan.

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