Megami Magazine Deluxe Vol. 1

Megami Magazine Deluxe Vol. 1
Megami Magazine Deluxe Vol. 1
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Prepare yourselves anime fans - DMP proudly presents the ultimate collector's item to staisfy your appetites! This first volume of Megami Deluxe kicks off a new series of "mooks" (magazine-books) jam-packed with full-color pin-ups of all your favorite anime girls! These eye-popping illustraitions feature popular characters from such series as Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, Negima!, Galaxy Angel, Ah! My Goddess- and more!

And, as our own version of omake, each volume of Megami Deluxe contains a super-long, two-sided, pull-out poster - featured in this edition are the characters of My-Hime and My-OTOME.

Feast your eyes on a collection of cuties sure to put a smile on your face! Megami DX - where the girls of anime are on display!

English text. Colored pages.