Naruto: The Official Fanbook

Naruto: The Official Fanbook
Naruto: The Official Fanbook
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Think you know all you can possibly know about Naruto? Think again! The Official Fanbook takes you deeper than ever before into the world of the most determined ninja as he pushes ever closer to his ultimate destiny! Maps, character profiles, previously hidden revelations and more give you all the inside secrets about Masashi Kishimoto's incredible saga. Includes the original 44-page Naruto manga!

The contents:
Ch. 1: Scroll of Ninja Arts
Ch. 2: Ninja Countries
Ch. 3: Leaf Village Ninja Dissection
Ch. 4: Secret Ninja File
Ch. 5: Top Secret Guide: Ninja Missions
Ch. 6: Ninja School
Ch. 7: Interview with the artist

Book comes with a small pinup poster and a short manga. Lots of cool drawings.

281 pages. English Text. B&W. Softcover. Published & Bind in USA.

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