Neubau Modul

Neubau Modul
Neubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau ModulNeubau Modul
Neubau Modul
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Product Description

Neubau Modul gives graphic designers, architects and creatives from the fashion and textile industries a wide variety of patterns to use in their daily work. Previously, when designers needed patterned surfaces for their graphics, backgrounds, textures, wallpapers or moving images, they had to create them by hand in a time-consuming process. Now, with Neubau Modul, designers have a practical tool that gives them access to over 2,000 easy-to-edit and infinitely repeatable patterns that the Neubau Team, headed by Stefan Gandl and Christoph Grünberger , have developed during the past three years. As with Neubau Welt, all of the work shown in Neubau Modul can also be found as Adobe Illustrator and bitmap files on an included DVD that can be used on any platform. The DVD also contains the entire digital collection of patterns as a practical Swatch Library, enabling designers to immediately implement them in any project in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The Swatch Library makes it especially easy for designers to combine and edit the examples and to create new, completely scalable patterns within seconds. As an added bonus, the DVD contains a headline font designed by Neubau. Neubau Modul also provides the user with an analogue instrument for making the best selection of patterns as efficiently as possible the Modulmeter. By placing and moving the included Modulmeter throughout the book, one can make and test new combinations of patterns directly on the page. Neubau Modul is a useful handbook that will make the everyday work of the designer easier. It is helpful in creating applications for a wide variety of disciplines that include illustration and architecture as well as web, communication,motion and textile design.

Includes a DVD inside.

304 pages. English text. B&W. Hardcover.