November 2003

November 19th, 2003:

We added a new section: "Photo Books"

The following items have been added recently:

Soul Calibur II Official Complete Guide

N.U.D.E.@ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment: visual play guide

G-Doll Season 1-Million Mook

G-Doll Season 2-Million Mook

Backgammon 3: Kazuya Minekura Illustrations

Salty Dog I Kazuya Minekura Illustrations

Salty Dog II Kazuya Minekura Illustrations

G-Taste 6

Transformer Generation 1 Reissue Figure 00 - Optimus Prime

Days of Moonlight Limited - Minene Sakurano Illustrations

SVC Chaos - Extreme Encounter

Aoi Umino Tristia Material Collection

Angelic Layer Perfect Collection Book

Ai Yori Aoshi Artbook

Samurai Deeper Kyo - You Illustration Art Book

All That Gaogaigar

Galaxy Angel Recipe Book

Deleter Comic Works

The New Generation of Manga Artists Vol.4

Rahxephon Art Works

Imouto de Ikou! Visual Fan Book

Final Fantasy Best Album

Cannabis Works

Gungrave Archives

Astrolabe - Ohse Kohime Illustrations

Go Nagai Design Sketch of Super Robot

November 4th, 2003:

We've added over 600 items since our last update. In fact, we're adding new items so quick, we gave up on updating the "What's New" section! Here's a general breakdown of the updates:

We've added hundreds of new DVDs

We now carry COPIC art supplies. COPIC is one of the premium manufacturer of art supplies in Japan. The manga artists in Japan use COPIC!

After you've bought the markers and pens, you need papers to draw.

A new hentai section has been added. We will be adding lots of hentai books in the following months.