Oga Kazuo Art Collection Book

Oga Kazuo Art Collection Book
Oga Kazuo Art Collection Book
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Oga Kazuo, a well known background artist that have brighten the lives of many that have grown up watching his lovable movies, published his works that he has accomplished working with Hayao Miyazaki. This book contains three of his wonderful works: "My Neighbor Totoro," "Only Yesterday," and "Pompoko." Each section contains a brief description of the scene along with a quick sketches of some of the scenes. In addition, there are interviews from Oga Kazuo, Hayao Miyazaki and a commentary from Isao Takahata. This is a wonderful treasure to own and witness in your Studio Ghibli collection.

103 pages. Japanese text. Colored and B&W. Softcover. Printed & Published in Japan.

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