makes Paypal Order Simple!! We Now Accept PayPal instant payment!! No Paypal Account Needed!!

Paypal Payment Instruction:

GOOD NEWS!! We now accept PayPal payment directly!! You can now complete your PayPal payment in minutes via PayPal Express Check-out!! Please note that you DO NOT need an Paypal account in order to complete your payment. You can easily make your payment using your credit card via once you receive our invoice via email. However, if you would like us to send a PayPal Invoice to you using, please COPY & PASTE the following information below (which is high-lited in "Blue") in your email. After filling out all the required information, you may e-mail it to:

• Please indicate "PayPal Order" on the Subject Line of the e-mail so we will know the reason for your e-mail
• Your Name- First & Last Name:
• Your Shipping Address(Please indicate your Country if you are an international customer.):
• Your Phone Number:
• PayPal Member ID(if you have one which is usually your email address, but you DO NOT need one to complete your credit card payment):
• Name of Product and URL Link. (Please repeat this step if you would like to order more than one item):
• Part Number of Product(this information can be found in the product's page):
• Your Preferred Shipping Method* (see Shipping/Handling for more information):

We will send an official Paypal Invoice to your Paypal account as well as sending an email notification after your email order is received. Please be advised that a PayPal order is similar to a regular order. We do ship out partial orders for PayPal as well. Your order will be process within 48 hours and according to orders we received that day. Please be patient and DO NOT send us the amount until you have received an invoice from us! Please be advise that we can only remind you three times about your order via e-mail. If we do not hear from you after three reminders, we assume that you no longer interested in continuing your order; and your Paypal Invoice will be cancelled. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of your full payment. If you are having troubles with this process, please e-mail us about your problems: We are here to help you completing your Paypal order process if you come across any issues.


If you feel that your courier mistreat your package upon delivery, you can always request extra packaging from us. Just ask us and we will make extra shipping protection for your package. At the bottom of the e-mail, just write down "Please add extra protection for my package."

Shipping and custom duty costs of the packages are the responsibility of the customer. For Canadian customers who are choosing UPS Standard to Canada, there is a possibility that the Local Import Department may charge tariff for your packages. Their department charges changes from time to time. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE CHARGES. They are the customers’ responsibility and we are not responsible to pay for the amount.