Makai (Phantom) Kingdom Character Collection

Makai (Phantom) Kingdom Character Collection
Makai (Phantom) Kingdom Character Collection
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This hardcover book includes "Phantom Kingdom" the sequal to the hit game "Phantom Brave" & "Disgaea". Also known as Makai Kingdom in U.S. It features extensive character artwork and promotional artwork, including full color illustrations and sketches. Many of the game's endings, special features, and world design illustrations are included. The book also features countless screen captures showing the many characters and enemies in the game and contains a wealth of information about this deeply tactical role playing game. A must-have book for fans of the RPG or anyone that loves the unique style of artwork for this game. Lots of art work done by Takehito Harada as well as many quest artists.

175 pages. Japanese text. Colored. Hardcover with Dust Jacket. Printed & Published in Japan.

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