Spoon.2Di Mook Vol. 58

Spoon.2Di Mook Vol. 58
Spoon.2Di Mook Vol. 58Spoon.2Di Mook Vol. 58
Spoon.2Di Mook Vol. 58
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Spoon.2Di Mook Magazine Vol. 58

This mook features all of the upcoming new series that includes interviews, screen caps, story digest, character profiles, storyboards, and more. This issue includes:

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard
Fate/Grand Order
Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-
Uchi Tama
Ensemble Stars
Promise of Wizard/Mahoyaku
Twisted Wonderland
King of Prism
and more.

Includes: A clear folder of Idolish7 and a double-sided poster of Idolish7 and Fate/Grand Order!

80 pages. Japanese text. Colored. Softcover. Printed & Published in Japan.

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