Yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations art book

Yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations art book
Yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations art book
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Who is Lain? Memory won't plot a straight path for any wanderers...and mother and father? Not to be found. A cherished toy doll may be a key, a curse, or a cryptic clue. A disembodied voice bounces off a child's bedroom wall, issuing mysterious directions. What do you believe? Where can you turn? There's talk on the streets, and it comes and goes in rapid burst. Anything is possible during dream time, but the floor feels so real...until it all melts away into absolute darkness. Who is Lain? Can you crack the code alone? Lain is Lain

Inimitable artistry binds together the jagged pieces of lain, a mesmerizing tale of lost identity and shattered memories. A series of blind visions and childhood fantasies whirl and wave with clipped conversation, floating questions, and the ever-present search for the who, what, and where of the elusive Lain. A stunning visual playground shaded with both light and shadow, ABe's Lain is a triumph of design and an ever growing puzzle.

Includes limited edition poster and 4 exclusive pages added for the English edition only.

144 pages. English text. Colored and B&W. Hardcover with slip in cover.