Yoshitaka Amano Works - DEVA Zan Art Book

Yoshitaka Amano Works - DEVA Zan Art Book
Yoshitaka Amano Works - DEVA Zan Art Book
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In the last days of the Samurai Era, a weary warrior, Yoshitsugu, is led by a mysterious girl through a gate to another world.

It's the beginning of a journey through time and space to reclaim his true identity - Zan, one of the Twelve Divine Generals of Heaven - and rediscover his true mission: to prevent creation from sliding back into the chaos from which it came. But as Zan searches strange dimensions to reassemble his old comrades in arms, he learns that being a battle god is no sure armor against dangers both physical and spiritual. Master of sword and spear, can Zan control the blood lust within himself, to save both the universe, and his own soul...?

Yoshitaka Amano, internationally renowned artist of Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, has illustrated literally hundreds of novels by other authors. But Deva Zan is Amano's own story, over a decade in development, and Dark Horse Books is proud to present Amano's literary debut, containing over two hundreds never-before-seen paintings by the author. Surreal, thoughtful, humorous, dynamic, bizarre, and beautiful, Deva Zan will be a bold new journey for all Amano fans as well!

300 pages. English Text. Colored. Hardcover. Published & Bind in USA.

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