Zoids: Shield Liger Die-Cast Action Figure

Zoids: Shield Liger Die-Cast Action Figure
Zoids: Shield Liger Die-Cast Action Figure
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Product Description

At last! Shield Liger from the television anime series ZOIDS is available as a large scale, fully painted and assembled die-cast action figure through the engineering marvels of Yamato. This massive, both in size and weight, die-cast action figure is designed with an eye towards articulation, posing, and a host of special features; yet sacrifices nothing in its finer details.

Here is just some of what is in store:
* Over 17.00" in length including tail, 10.25" excluding tail
* 200 parts in total, including approximately 80 die-cast parts
* Die-cast used in legs, chest, and waist
* 24 points of articulation
* Canopy opens & closes allowing boarding of Van Flyheight and Fiona pilot figures
* Head Shield (E Shield) spreads out
* Beams (Bazooka) lift from back
* Missile Pods spread out from side
* 6 kinds of figures: Van Flyheight - Standing x 1 / Pilot x 1, Fiona - Standing x 1 / Pilot x 1, Zeke - Standing x 1 / Zeke with Core x 1
* Zoids Core * Both Zoids Core and Zoids Core with Zeke can be stored inside figure
* Up-grade Parts: Fangs x 2 kinds / 30mm Twin Beams (for tail)
* Display Stand
* Extra Decal Stickers