February-March 2016

February 10, 2016

There is so much to do right after Christmas and New Year. There are also so many conventions right at the start of the New Year too! We would like to thank you to those who have joined us at Sac Anime, Taiyou Con, Anime Los Angeles, and Bak-Anime. We had a really great time hanging out and meeting every single one of you. We can't wait until next year when we can do it all over again. (Except for Sac Anime. We will see you guys in September 2016.)

We do have more new items on our page that you should check out. Here are some that we know that you might be interested in:
Sword Art Online Art Works by abec - Official Art Book
XenobladeX The Secret File - Art of MIRA Official Art Book
Pixiv 2016 Official Art Book
Yurikuma Arashi Love Bullet! Official Setting Materials Sketch Book