-SHINGETSU- : The Art of Chouniku

-SHINGETSU- : The Art of Chouniku
-SHINGETSU- : The Art of Chouniku
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We have waited for too long for an artbook of Disgaea and now it is here! This is a perfect illustrations of our favorite video game, Disgaea as our artist brought these characters to life with Chouniku's drawings. This book contains beautiful illustrations of very few images of Disgaea and other games and novels that Chouniku has done. Also, there are other drawings by other artists like E * S and TECH GIAN are included in this hardcover book. There are fully designs of many group and character images along with our favorite chibi versions of the Disgaea characters. This is a must have for those who can't help the wacky world and styles of Disgaea.

119 pages. Black & white, Colored. Japanese text. Softcover. Published in Japan.

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